MA Circulation Manager Modules Pie

The MA Circulation Manager core system is designed for the controlled and paid list management needs of periodical publishers. It contains all that most publishers require to successfully manage, renew, invoice and generate labels for subscribers. But there's more available for those publishers with additional requirements. There are additional integrated modules which can be purchased, either individually or in combination, to extend the base system, providing additional functionality in one application. The primary parts of the core system are:

  • Paid subscriber management, including renewals, list generation, invoicing, accounts receivable;
  • Controlled subscriber management;
  • Merchandise sales*, with an integrated invoicing, accounts receivable and inventory on the same order as the subscription;
  • Bill-to capabilities for gift and third party payments;
  • Relationship manager which allows individuals to be related to other subscribers, and is automatically populated for third-party bill-to/gift subscriptions;
  • Group management, which allows for multiple subscribers to be entered into groups for demographic or other purposes, such as editorial councils, which then allow for the easy generation of labels or download to a separate file;
  • Contact management*, which allows tracking of individual interactions with subscribers and the setting of future actions for same;
  • E-mail broadcasting* for group individual sending of renewals, invoices or general messages based on an email message template setup with mail-merge capacities;
  • and, much more.

The extra modules are sold separately to keep the cost of the basic package at an affordable level for publishers with straight forward list management needs. For those who have more complicated requirements, one or more of the extra modules may be desired. These modules can be purchased with the system initially, or added as publishing needs expand. Just as the new publication licenses can be added at any time to the system, so too can these modules. The modules include:

  • If you have a web-site subscription form, and don't want to re-key the data, there is the Web-Site Form Uploader Module**.
  • For publishers whose lists are audited by ABC, BPA or CCAB, you may wish to purchase the Audit Module.
  • For those who process reader service cards, you may wish to have the integrated Reader Service Card (RSC) Module**.
  • If your requirements are even more complicated than the solutions offered, call us to discuss creating a Custom Module for your needs.

Equally important to know is that you purchase only those modules for the individual publications that require them. For example, if only half of your publications are audited, you need purchase the Audit Module for that limited number. The same is true of all the modules available for the MA Circulation Manager. Our software is also designed to allow for custom modules to be written for specialized needs, and integrated directly into the system, or as an adjunct to it. Whatever your publishing list management requirements, there's an MA solution for you.

Items marked with a single red asterisk were separate modules in version 5.0 of the MA Circulation Manager system, but are now integrated into the core.

** Items marked with double red asterisk are modules that will be discontinued in version 7.0 of the MA Circulation Manager, which will be cloud based. Website Module will in fact be integrated into core offering of the MA Circulation Manager v7.0. The RSC Module will be discontinued as most publishers now offer this service, if at all, through their own website. The RSC Module can always be requested as a Custom Module.