MA Circulation Manager

The MA Circulation Manager has been re-invented with extended features and capabilities. Among the features are:

  • Multiple publications capabilities within a single subscriber maintenance screen;
  • Extended demographic capabilities;
  • Contact Manager with action calendar for follow-up or just subscriber interaction tracking;
  • Group Manager which provides the ability to create groups subscribers can be assigned to for quick access for lookup, emails and mailings;
  • Alternate address capabilities allowing swapping of addresses for subscribers with multiple addresses;
  • Relationship Manager with group invoicing and alternate bill-to capability
  • Renewal and Invoice series to track efforts, tailor messaging and contact intervals
  • Built in report editor to allow for changes to renewal and invoice forms, with the ability to customize for each separate publication
  • Integrated email renewals along with e-mail broadcasting capabilities using predefined templates
  • Integrated condition builder to allow for extra fine segmentation of list generation