Data Base Programming

Need data processing automated? Consider the benefits of having a custom data base program written for you. Automating manual tasks through data base programming can provide numerous cost savings benefits. Mendon Associates has a couple of decades of experience in programming custom systems applications, be it network-based and standalone, for publishers, associations and other types of companies. This can include integrating broadcast e-mail or faxing services into applications, if required. Talk to us about your needs. We specialize in Visual FoxPro programming, and work with a number of other development languages.

SQL Server Programming

Mendon Associates provides full SQL Server programming services. We develop systems using tools such as ASP, ASP.NET, ADO, Visual Studio, Visual FoxPro, Java Script, VB, C#, as well as other Microsoft programming languages. Due to our expertise in Subscription Management Systems for Publishers and Membership Management Systems for Associations, we have a rich library of tools and routines which allow us to develop specific applications on time and on budget. Call us for a quotes or submit an RFP to us at any time.

Web-Site Data

Programming Need access to a database through your web-site, or require login and security restrictions as a part of the on-line experience you wish to give visitors to your site? Mendon Associates Inc. is an experienced web-site data programming house. We offer on-line data hosting through our site, including front- and back-end programming features for updating of live data or mirrored data sites synchronization.

Data Translation & Conversion

So someone has given you a disk full of thousands of names that you want to add to your own data base, but you're not sure how to do it. Call us! Mendon Associates has performed numerous data translations from simple to complex sources -- mag-tape to diskette-based. We can provide you with consulting on how to move the data into your word processor for mail-merge, or even to an e-mail mail-merge package. If you don't want to do it yourself, we will undertake to provide you with the contract service to do it for you.

Consulting Services

There is over 60 years of publishing experience on the staff of Mendon Associates Inc. Should you be in need of an outside perspective, or assistance in change or advancement, consider contacting us for our consulting services. We specialize in providing services in editorial and circulation areas, including the contracting of short and long term projects for those with publishing needs.

Contract Publishing

Do you have a publishing project you want to source outside? Or, do you have a project in mind that requires specific systems or publishing expertise that you do not yet have, or recently lost? Mendon Associates Inc. provides publishing services to magazine and other periodical publishers. Whether it's a long or short term project such as an annual, contact us for a quote or even just to discuss the feasibility of the project. Our in-house team of specialists and large resource of outside publishing associates, can help no matter what the task.